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Pharmananda - Pharmaceutical Wholesaler

The Şekerlisoy Group, which operates in 4 main areas: health, tourism, entrepreneurship, and real estate, is one of the fastest growing Turkish companies by regularly realizing its targets every year since its establishment.
In addition to its real estate and tourism investments in the Mediterranean, Şekerlisoy Group has diversified its investments in the health sector, which is one of its main business lines, and has included many medical companies, including hospitals and dialysis centers.

Pharmananda, the founder of Şekerlisoy Group, is one of the leaders in the sector in Turkey, which has the capacity to deliver medicines to every corner of the world.
Pharmananda Pharmaceuticals, which has the advantage of acting with the assurance of a corporate structure in the pharmaceutical industry, has adopted strong communication, fast and solution-oriented approaches as a principle in the works it carries out with its solution partners, stakeholders and customers.

As an affiliated company of Sekerlisoy Group, Pharmananda is a licensed pharmaceutical warehouse in medicine wholesale and medical supplier in pharmaceutical distribution with a concentration on pharmaceutical supply chain efficiencies, operational brilliance and patient well-being. Being a pharmaceutical export company bridges the network among pharmaceutical manufacturers and patients all over the world, operating as a reliable global pharmaceutical wholesaler to distributors, local wholesalers, hospitals, and hospital pharmacies.

We feature brand name drugs, generic medicines, otc medications among our pharmaceutical export portfolio to more than 40,000 customers including retail pharmacies, wholesale pharmacy suppliers, named patient program. Leveraging automated order processing through our ERP systems featuring computerized merchandising and asset management tools, Pharmananda pharmaceutical warehouse advances safe, efficient and cost-effective distribution of medicines.

Broad Selection to Constitute a Single Source of Wholesale Pharmacy and Medical Supplies We aim to become your single source of healthcare supplies for our clients by operating in ten categories; brand name drugs, generic medicines, otc products, supplements, dermal fillers, cosmeceuticals, medical disposables, diagnostic instruments, medical devices, hospital equipment via abundant variety through a well-established and trusted network of licensed local and global manufacturers.

In this context, our growing line of business includes but not limited to the following categories;

• Meet the pharmaceutical procurement orders of public and private hospitals, healthcare providers worldwide
• Procurement of medical devices and hospital equipment from manufacturers for healthcare projects
• Providing the pharmaceutical supplies of national and international humanitarian agencies and NGOs
• Supplying pharmaceuticals and sourcing of comparator drugs for clinical trials
• Providing orphan drugs
• Supplying for tenders in pharmaceutical business on long term contracts
• Supplying cosmeceuticals to aesthetic clinics, particularly those aiming to import Botox, Dysport and dermal fillers.

Pharmananda Pharmaceutical Warehouse, which serves with a store of 1400 m² in Istanbul, is licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Health and is recurrently audited by the health ministry officials. Our pharmaceutical warehouse is accredited with Wholesale Dealer’s License by Turkish Ministry of Health which is mandatory for pharmaceutical wholesale activity across the globe.

We are committed to making Pharmananda your first and your last call for distribution and supply of medicines along with medical supplies.