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Pharmananda - Pharmaceutical Wholesaler
Pharmananda Pharmaceutical Warehouse

We understand that pharmaceutical products may present the intended effects only if quality and potency is maintained from production to consumption as a result of our decade long experince on medicine import and export. This requires that great care must be implemented along the pharmaceutical supply chain to keep these medicine export shipments in safe, optimal conditions.

Pharmaceutical warehousing, consequently, is a lot more crucial than the simple storage of pharmaceutical products. Pharmaceutical warehousing is an operation that maintains the reliability of medicines that affect the health and wellbeing of millions of people.

One of the highly respected institution Food and Drug Administration FDA's regulatory stands for the pharmaceutical industry are named as Current Good Distrubition Practises, with abbreviation GDP. These standarts apply to warehouses as well as process and pharmaceuticals. GDPs related to warehousing feature the following all of which as your pharmaceutical exporter warehouse ensure to obey :

• Pharmaceutial products must be stored to prevent contamination, and be positioned to allow for inspection and cleaning of the area.
• Each lot of pharmaceutical products must be identified with a distinctive (and traceable) code, and the lot’s status must be identified (approved, quarantined, rejected).
• Written procedures must describe the pharmaceutical distribution process for each medicine. This includes procedures for recalls.
• Written procedures must describe the appropriate storage conditions for each drug.

In addition to GDP’s requirements, we maintain our operational excellence via the maximizing the control through the following monitoring tools:

• 24/7 camera surveillance, day and night security with back up facility.
• Heath and humidity monitoring
• Digital batch & lot tracing
• Good Storage Practises Compliant 1400 m² warehouse regularly following sanitation programme.
• Computerized stock inventory system for total control.
• Data loggers usage for cold chain shipments.

Our capabilities in terms of procedures and facilities to store and ship cold chain pharmaceutical products are approved and licensed by Turkish Ministry of Health via thorough on-site inspections.

As Pharmananda team, we plan and execute continuously, innovate and scale faster, gain total visibility and trust while building sustainable processes.

Pharmananda - Pharmaceutical Wholesaler
Pharmananda - Pharmaceutical Wholesaler
Pharmananda - Pharmaceutical Wholesaler
Pharmananda - Pharmaceutical Wholesaler