Pharmananda Priviliges

Network: One of top three providers in the regions following; Middle East, Africa and Asia sourcing power from 14 countries and export operations to 108 countries:

  • 14.000 branded and generic pharmaceticals,
  • 3 private label products manufacturing and distributions line,
  • Medical devices,
  • Chemical and reference standards,
  • Medical disposables

Pharmananda Express: 12 hours response time, daily to monthly shipments on demand. Excellences in logistics and logistic assistance to all. As a function of our logistics assistance, we provide you recommendations on the most proper shipping option for a good quality-to-price ratio. From loading to delivery, each stage is designed and supervised by our team and you know precisely the location and status of your order. We attend to ex-factory loading to administer final audit of seal. We guarantee accurate delivery of our client’s goods and supervise the generation of customs clearance documents.”

Trust: Part of one of the biggest conglomerates – Sekerlisoy Group – which operates in four different sectors. With the advantage of the corporate structure behind it, Pharmananda Pharmaceuticals serves its customers located in every part of the world with its strong communication, solution approach and fast services.

Pharmananda - Pharmaceutical Wholesaler