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Cosmetic Injections & Cosmeceuticals 

As many visible signs of aging can be traced back to volume loss while facial tissues thin out, lines become etched around the nose and mouth and cheeks look a little hollow; Dermal fillers started ranking one of the top pharmaceutical products in demand across our industry. More than 1 million women and men each year choose this facial rejuvenation treatment as a cost-effective way to look younger without surgery.

As your pharmaceutical supplier, we hold a range of injectable dermal fillers of global brands in the field of aesthetic surgery and variety of facial peels for skin rejuvenation for wholesale pharmaceutical import to your country.

Different types of dermal fillers are designed to treat changing symptoms of aging. Some dermal fillers takes 6 months, while others takes for 2 years or longer. Depending on the selected fill, they can be used in the following regions:

• Lip filling, lip enhancement
• Facial deformation to remove
• Reduce the bony, bony image on the hand
• Shadow, bruises and collapses under the eyes caused by the lower eyelid with detention light fill
• Fill the facial acne, trace or indent
• Fill or soften static wrinkles, especially in the lower face area (around the mouth and cheeks)

As your dependable medicine supplier, we hold a minimum stock of Botox for sale and Dysport injections at all times along with many others in our cosmeceuticals and dermal fillers portfolio. We are currently botox supplier of more than +370 centers of botox application across the globe.