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In recent years, Turkey made major developments in Turkish pharmaceutical industry. Climbing the ladder through ranking of countries in global pharmaceutical market, Turkish has now a significant role in generic medicines export business. In order to ease our client’s procurement of drugs and medical supplies, we have developed a generic medicine vs name brand list. As your single source for medical procurement and pharmaceutical supplies, we provide a reliable quality product with cost-effective rates and with all documentation support.

Generic medicines, also known as equivalent drugs, are the therapeutic equivalent of the original pharmaceutical product whose patent has expired. These products contain essentially the same active substance as the similar product and can therefore be replaced with the original pharmaceutical products.

It is proved by scientific studies that generic medication have the same pharmacological effects as the brand name drugs and thus provide the same treatment on the patient. In many EU countries as well as in Turkey generic medicines in accordance with active treatment programs; is considered as an effective alternative to high priced brand name drugs and is widely prescribed.

Although generic medicine export from India is also popular across the globe, Turkish generic medicine companies are now global players both by production quality and affordable prices to ensure best care for patients. Additionally, our clients often compare generic medicine in India with our generic medicine list pdf and come to conclusion that in terms of affordability, quality and logistics timing, it’s only rational to order from us. Check out our portfolio to browse through generic drugs.