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OTC, which means over the counter and means 'over the counter', is used for the group of drugs that can be sold without a prescription and do not cause problems when sold without a prescription. This group of drugs is usually available over the counter in pharmacies and refers to pharmaceutical products that can be supplied relatively effortlessly and represent a large part of the demand for patients.

Examples of OTC products are vitamin pills, pain relievers, cough syrups, weight loss products, skin nourishing products.

OTC and Supplement products that meet the above-mentioned needs in our pharmaceutical company Pharmananda; has 3 different brands in the field of over-the-counter supplements.

Our OTC Brands

Live yourself: Premium complex vitamins and healthy chocolates are produced.

Nandavit: Formulated with pure ingredients that allow vitamins for adults and children to reach their full potential.

LYN: Our dermo-cosmetic products are formulated with effective active principles and %100 natural targeted key ingredients.

Our clients are able to procure and place orders on wholesale supplements from inspected pharmaceutical companies in Turkey those are compliant with cGMP and GMP guidelines.

Our pharmaceutical manufacturers are committed to produce the pure raw ingredients with no additives, no flavorings, no fillers. Certificate of Analysis for Dietary Supplement Components: We provide COAs for your review upon request for each supplement we supply on wholesale scale.

In highly advanced pharmaceutical factories in Turkey and our certified global suppliers those are qualified to produce private label, supplements are produced in pill, tablet, capsule and liquid forms. We also faciliate contract manufacturing featuring your formula under confidentiality agreement featuring non-solicitation clause.