Clinical Trial Supply
Pharmananda Clinical Trial Supply

The flawless supply of Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs), namely comparator drugs is essential for the efficiency of clinical trials. Realization of clinical trials profoundly rely on supplying appropriate amount of clinical trial drugs or comparator drugs to various sites where clinical trials are being conducted on a well-timed manner so that prescribed medicines may be administered to patients on time with the required doses. Inaccessibility or any delay of comparator drugs in requested amont and quality may fail clinical trials or even worse it may put the safety of patients at risk.

Our experienced pharmaceutical export team will be assisting you through the handling and shipping of clinical trial medicines along with supplies depending on the destination country. We will be supplying your requirements with full compliance to ensure the final delivery. As comparator drugs generally come with critical expiration dates, our pharmaceutical export team will be guiding you with the objective of delivery on time to study destination.